The Veggie Van Vaulting Forward

By: Clara Cooke

Did you know Waco was a food desert? Neither did I.

Photo credit: American Heart Association website
Photo credit: American Heart Association website

To put this in perspective: 46.5 percent of Waco’s total population live in the declared food desert. 48.2 percent of the population live under the poverty line and 22 percent of the population does not have a car. The World Hunger Relief Inc recognized these issues and set out to solve them. Not only does WHRI help in combatting towards ending the issue of world hunger, but they realized they could help those in need within their own community. Thus, the Veggie Van was born. Created in January of 2015, the Veggie Van has less than a year under its tires and is yearning to expand. It sets out to help provide nutritional and natural food to those who struggle to reach it. Not only does the van sell produce and other goods, but teaches about nutrition and healthy living as well.

Bringing the good stuff to food deserts in our community. – World Hunger Relief, Inc.

To sell, teach, and nourish the community, the community has to know about it first. Which is one of the road blocks the Veggie Van has encountered. Launching anything new is always hard. How will people learn about it? How will they get there? Such questions were posed to our team, and this is where our team came into play. We devised three goals to help the Veggie Van truly nourish the community. Along with these goals come objectives to help shape and represent the intended outcome measured by the goal. And with these objectives come tactics; actions and ideas of how these goals and objectives can be achieved.

Goals, Objectives and Tactics

  1. Increase social media interaction
  • Increase followers by 10 percent through the World Hunger Relief, Inc. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts within the next three months
    • Frequently post diverse content through pictures, articles, and videos
    • Frequently comment, reply and reach out to more followers on social media accounts
    • Post the daily schedule of the Veggie Van across all social media platforms

2. Increase awareness of Veggie Van among the Waco population

  • Raise awareness of the Veggie Van by 15 percent by the one-year anniversary of its launch date
    • Chalk the sidewalks around Baylor’s campus
    • Bring the Veggie Van to Baylor and distribute informational flyers and pamphlets
    • Speak at sorority and fraternity meetings
  1. Expand our outreach to a variety of food deserts in the Waco area
  • Expand to three more locations by the end of 2015
    • Gather data from one new location a week and analyze its success through sales and attendance
    • Add a location downtown at the food trucks on University Park Ave.
    • Create a partnership with Salvation Army to reach the primary target market

The Veggie Van in action at one of its stops. Credit: World Hunger Relief Inc's Instagram
The Veggie Van in action at one of its stops. Credit: World Hunger Relief Inc’s Instagram

The Veggie Van has so much potential right at its fingertips, and by working through each one of the goals, objectives and tactics listed above, we believe the Veggie Van will reach more success and flourish within Waco’s community. The Veggie Van works right alongside WHRI’s heart and mission, and our team could not be more humbled to be a small part in working towards that mission.

Play a part in helping the Veggie Van grow by paying them a visit at their next stop!


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